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Actor and Activist Edward Norton Shares his Thanks with Venta

Acclaimed actor and environmental activist Edward Norton graciously shares his thoughts on his Airwashers with the Venta Team.


Venta Sponsors Eastwood Ranch’s Art for Animals

Venta was a gold-level sponsor at this year’s Art for Animals event, which is organized by the Eastwood Ranch Foundation to save at-risk animals.


The Anti-Fast Fashion Movement: Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

The fast fashion industry has detrimental ethical and environmental consequences. Here’s why we should turn to ethically focused and sustainable fashion.

The Hard Truth about Our Culture’s Fast Fashion Habits

Fast fashion is a global phenomenon, making clothing cheap and exceptionally accessible. It is however, a massive contributor to water and air pollution.

How to Protect Your Hair from Harmful Air Pollution

As with your skin, air pollution can have a negative impact on your hair. We’re covering the ways you can protect your hair from pollution.

Students and Teachers Deserve Healthy Air Quality in Classrooms

With plenty of research and studies on air quality’s affect on office work performance, shouldn’t we be focusing on our classroom environments too?

What is the State of the Air? ALA Releases Annual Report

The American Lung Association released its Annual “State of the Air” report. We’re covering the key points so you can learn more about your air quality.

Can Wedding and Allergy Season Coexist? A Survival Guide

It’s officially wedding season! It also happens to be prime allergy season. Here’s our survival guide to getting through the big day despite allergies.

Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Environmentally Conscious Dad

This father’s day, swap out traditional gift ideas for something your eco-friendly, green and environmentally conscious dad will truly enjoy.

A Humidifier for the Summer? Why you’ll Surprisingly Want One

Summer is right around the corner and with it, dry air conditioned air. Here’s why you’ll want to keep your humidifier around for the summer.

What to Do if Your Pet is Causing Your Allergic Reactions

Our pets are our best friends, but are they causing you to feel miserable? We’re covering the ways your pet could be the source of your allergies.

What is Asthma and How Does Air Pollution Make it Worse?

Millions of Americans suffer from asthma. While triggers can be anything from sports to allergens, how does air pollution make symptoms worse?

Celebrate Air Quality Awareness Week With these 5 Goals

May 1st-5th is Air Quality Awareness Week. Celebrate and make the pledge to improve indoor and outdoor air quality with these 5 goals.

April Showers Bring May Flowers (and Irritating Allergies)!

Just in time for Mother’s Day, flowers are in full bloom this spring. Don’t let allergies ruin your spring activities, use these tips for prevention.