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Actor and Activist Edward Norton Shares his Thanks with Venta

Acclaimed actor and environmental activist Edward Norton graciously shares his thoughts on his Airwashers with the Venta Team.


Venta Sponsors Eastwood Ranch’s Art for Animals

Venta was a gold-level sponsor at this year’s Art for Animals event, which is organized by the Eastwood Ranch Foundation to save at-risk animals.


7 Healthy Lifestyle Ideas to Get Out of Hibernation Mode

In preparation for spring, we’ve compiled 7 simple ideas to getting out of hibernation mode and back into a healthy lifestyle.

5 Reasons Why the Venta Airwasher is a Year-Round Product

As snow storm Stella wreaks havoc across much of the country, we’re reminded why you should use your Venta Airwasher year-round.

Venta “Das Original” is celebrating its 35th Anniversary!

We invented the Airwasher in 1981, when no-one else was interested in indoor air quality. Venta is proud to celebrate 35 years of indoor air innovation!

The Effects of Air Pollution and Exercising Outdoors

While the effects of air pollution are well documented, when it comes to exercising outdoors, just how much does air pollution affect your workout?

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Singer Relies on Venta

Like many other professional singers and musicians, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros member Christopher Richard relies on Venta to perform at his best.

Why Sleep is Your Most Undervalued Skincare Secret

Sleep can do wonders for your skincare routine. We’re looking at the ways your skin benefits from getting that coveted shut-eye.

Feeling at Home as a Military Family: Venta Partners with NMFA

Venta and the National Military Family Association are teaming up to help military families feel at home for the holidays.

Renowned Pianist Alfred Brendel Joins Venta Family

World renowned Austrian pianist Alfred Brendel joins the Venta Family along other musical artists such as Nigel Kennedy and José Carreras.

Preparing Your Skin for the Harsh Winter: It Starts Now

Beat the dry skin winter blues before they even hit. Preparing your skin for the harsh, cold, dry winter air starts now with these tips.

Clean Energy at Home? It’s Possible and Here’s How

Want to embrace clean energy at home? Now more than ever, renewable energy systems including wind and solar power are attainable for the home.

28 Easy Tips to Keep Your Home Energy Efficient All Year Long

We can always do more to improve our home’s energy efficiency. This checklist will prepare you to adopt energy efficient practices at home all year long.

27 Ways to Go Green and Be Energy Efficient in the Workplace

October is Energy Action and Awareness Month! Energy efficiency and going green in the workplace has never been easier with our list of 27 ideas.